Choosing a topic on cause and effect essay

Choosing a topic on cause and effect essay

             In college, it is a requirement for students to learn and write different types of essays thought their academic journeys. One of the most common types of essays is the cause and effect which dwells on why things occur (causes) and the outcome of the happenings (result). This essay should be well-described so that readers can clearly understand the relationship between the object and effects presented.

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What roles does a cause and effect essay play?

  1. To analyze how many effects can arise from various causes. For example, one of the significant reasons for crimes in slums is due to poverty.
  2. To assess how various causes result in a particular effect. Example: one of the significant impacts of mining on land is soil erosion.

Format of a cause and effect essay


The introduction should at least;

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Provide some background information on the topic
  • Have a thesis statement at the end


When writing the body of the essay, the writer should:

  • Concentrate on a single cause or effect.
  • Indicate the cause-effect
  • Provide evidence to back up your ideas


In concluding the essay, one should:

  • Summarize the main ideas
  • Emphasize the importance of your topic
  • Provide a final statement on the topic

Tips on how to choose a good topic for a cause and effects essay

            Deciding on a cause and effect topic of discussion should not be a difficult task since there is room for flexibility. However, if you are finding it challenging to come up with an eye-catching topic, you can seek help from reliable writing services provided by unemployed professors writing services.

Here are some of the tips one can use to come up with a topic

  • Analyze information to get general ideas that relate to your topic
  • Choose a topic based on cause or effect.
  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with you. Choosing a question that is familiar to you will give you an easier time looking for information or content for your problem. 
  • Use primary sources whenever possible since they provide raw data.
  • Use peer-reviewed sources. A peer-reviewed source is crucial since evaluation is done by experts and is a credible fact.

Topic suggestions

There are numerous topics one can use to write a cause and effect essay

  1. Effects of deforestation on land
  2. Effects of drug abuse among youths
  3. Causes of divorce in young couples
  4. Effects of over-population in urban centres
  5. Effects of water pollution on human and marine life
  6. What are the causes of children dropout in developing countries

 A cause and effects essay mainly relies on the writer’s analysis of the situation, but there are many ways to interpret any situation and its effects. However, a convincing essay depends on the facts re-laid by the writer. A great way to come up with a compelling cause and effects essay is by seeking reliable services from unemployed professors writing services. The platform provides top-notch and reliable services.