Writing Effective Arguments in an Essay.

Developing an effective argument in an essay involves researching on a particular issue, taking a stand on the subject, and presenting concrete evidence in a logical sequence to support the overall claim. An effective argument must be specific, reasonable, debatable, and supported with a variety of evidence or facts. A good argument must be debatable and logical from the beginning to the end. If you are having challenges in composing a clear, precise, and concise essay, seek professional essay writing services from the unemployed professors.

How to develop effective arguments in an essay

The following guidelines will help you develop effective arguments in an essay:

  • Create a clear and debatable thesis statement

A thesis statement appears at the end of the first paragraph and identifies the topic under discussion. It informs the reader of the direction and significance of your argument. A thesis statement captures the position of the primary or central ideas. It usually focuses on your ideas in one or two sentences. Your thesis statement also helps guide your writing and keeps your thoughts and arguments focused.

An excellent thesis statement controls the subject matter of the argument and states useful and relevant content to the reader. An effective thesis statement should be clear, debatable, specific, and include evidence to back your point of view. A weak thesis statement is often not clear and is vague, making it challenging for the reader to grasp the direction and your position in the argument.

  • Provide necessary background information on the topic under discussion

A strong introduction to your arguments needs to relay background information so that the readers can have an accurate and more in-depth understanding of your claims. Explaining your problem may include historical, geological, and social contents.  Additionally, it provides a definition of terms that the readers may not understand.

It’s crucial to provide clearly defined, relevant, and concrete arguments. Detailed background information on the topic needs to relay pertinent information that shows the relationship or connection between the main arguments and the subject.

An effective argument requires substantial evidence to support your ideas or thoughts. Supporting your ideas or arguments with relevant facts, evidence, or examples improves your essay’s credibility and reliability. No matter how good your points are, readers will find it hard to believe them without the relevant supporting evidence.

  • Analyze your arguments

An analysis is your chance to interpret and explain the evidence you have presented in your arguments to the reader. The examination shows how the evidence relates to the other ideas in your argument. The analysis also explains the importance of evidence to your overall argument. Your review should try to convince the reader why your claim is the most significant.

  • Use in Transitions in your arguments.

Since sentences and paragraphs that make up your arguments contain different ideas or thoughts, you should present them articulately and logically. You can achieve this by using a transition. Transitions can be words or phrases that show the relationship between your ideas or thoughts. Effectual transitional words and phrases provide greater cohesion in your arguments by signaling readers of the shift of ideas so that they can easily and quickly understand and relate to your claims.

  • Provide a conclusion of your arguments

Your conclusion should have a brief overview of the main points presented in your claims but avoid repeating the exact words used to discuss your arguments. The best way to synthesize the main points is to show how the points stated in your argument, supporting facts and evidence integrate or relate to address your claims. It’s important to address opposing viewpoints and explain the importance of aligning with your position or stand.

A reasonable conclusion should not only emphasize on the thesis statement but also show the audience the significance of your research. Your arguments should highlight the significant consequences of your research and the impact on the respective discipline or field.

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