Bad habits to avoid in your academic writing

As a new writer, it’s crucial to avoid bad habits in academic writing. Learning the art of prolific writing is a bumpy ride with lots of challenges. Writing is not for the faint-hearted, and many give up along the way. New writers should not be discouraged by the hurdles they experience along the way, but they should build on the challenges to develop excellent writing skills. The following are habits to avoid in your academic writing:

A weak introduction

New writers fail to deliver useful content by coming up with a weak and irrelevant introduction. A good introduction is essential since it introduces the topic, provides a first impression, states a thesis, outlines the main points, and explains its relevance. A good introduction should be clear, concise, and grab the attention of the reader. Writing a strong introduction is not an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity and excellent writing skills.

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Emphasis on being too impressive

Most writers have a habit of trying to be too impressive. Trying to be funny and sound eloquent and witty can cause a writer to be less creative than they think. Most writers waste a lot of valuable time trying to create a perfect and impressive piece of writing. Keeping it simple and innovative is the basis of coming up with creative, engaging, and relevant content.

Keeping your content doesn’t mean you can’t write and incisive content, but it shows you understand the importance of writing content that most readers can understand. Readers are not looking at the complexity of your writing, but content that is free-flowing and entertaining.

A weak plot

A plot is used to describe the sequence of events that make up a story. The scheme forms the basis in which all other elements of the story develop. A weak plot leads to a weak storyline. A plot focuses attention on the main characters and their significance in the story and also connects the events of a story in an organized structure. A robust framework catches the attention of the reader and creates curiosity and suspense. By identifying the plot, the reader can understand the moral of the story.

Not engaging the audience

A common habit most writers make is to write stories without engaging the audience. Not involving the audience may leave them disinterested in your account. Lack of engagement makes most readers lose track of the flow of the story and finally failing to absorb your ideas and insights. It is essential to do research on the target audience and understand their interests. By understanding your audience, you will be able to create content that is creative and addresses their interests and needs.

Skipping editing and proof-reading

Most writers have a habit of neglecting the importance of editing and proof-reading their work. A habit of Misusing punctuation, wordiness, and improper use of sentences, undermine the effectiveness of an article. The wrong choice of words could interrupt the flow and potentially change the intent of the writer. An essay full of errors leaves readers distracted and disinterested in the content. A  good writing habit is where writers edit their work to ensure it’s well organized, consistent, clear, free-flowing, and relevant. Proof-reading is essential in getting rid of grammatical errors, spelling errors, ambiguity, and typos.

A weak conclusion

Most writers have a habit of undermining the importance of a conclusion in their writing. A weak conclusion distracts the reader from the essay. The summary helps the reader understand why your content should matter to them. A conclusion is more than just an overview. A reasonable conclusion should emphasize your main ideas, wrap up important information presented in the essay, restate the main points, and indicate the relevance of the research.

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