A scientific paper is a manuscript that presents original research. It can either be an addition to ongoing research or a comparative study between two variables. The primary purpose of a scientific paper is to inform, not to impress. A good scientific paper should be clear, accurate, and concise. The use of a scientific paper is to present information that is easy to retrieve and to give an accurate report that the reader can duplicate the scientific research.


When writing a scientific paper, it must have a self-explanatory title. The title should be clear and understandable to the reader. A scientific paper title should be informative even when it appears on its own and report accurately what the researcher has done.


The abstract in a scientific paper helps in presenting intricate details clearly and concisely. It also helps to summarise a detailed report in a shorter format for database searches. A scientific abstract should be written in a formal language and should be informative by providing a brief overview of your research. A good summary should include the study’s goal, the objectives of the project, and the analytical methodologies used in the study. It should also present the key findings of your work.

When writing a scientific abstract, avoid adding information that does not appear in the paper’s body. Avoid presenting detailed descriptions of materials, organisms, and methods used in your research. The best way to come up with an outstanding abstract is by writing it last. Writing the abstract last will ensure you extract the most convincing points from each section of the paper.


The introduction of your paper should be clear and concise since it’s the reader’s first impression. Your introduction should provide your readers with background information on your topic. All information gathered from other sources should be appropriately cited. Avoid making the introduction too broad and, instead, present only the most relevant information while staying focused on the topic. Report new developments in the field and show how your research will provide solutions to the existing problem.

Materials and methods

This section elaborates and explains how and where your research was conducted. Your research techniques should be presented and described in a clear and logical order. You should also include the materials and the type of control that was used. The materials and methods used should be detailed, well-organized, and clear so that other researchers can produce the same results. The order in which the information from your research is presented should be consistent.


After explaining the methods of your research, you should report the findings or outcome of the study. You should present your results using narrative text and, if appropriate, include tables and figures to display summarized details. When using tables and figures, avoid including too many features. A narrative explanation should accompany charts and graphs.


In this section, you interpret your findings in terms of patterns observed and the relationship among the experimental variables. Present your conclusions and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your research. You should also include the significance or implication of your findings in the respective field. Avoid repeating the explanation of your results unless it is necessary to discuss the overall importance of the research.


This section presents an interpretation of the outcomes of your research concerning the problem stated in the introduction. You should explain how your research relates to your field of study and identify areas for future results.


Acknowledgments are where you give credit to the individuals or institutions that assisted in the research or writing of the paper.


Full details of all the sources you cited must appear here. It’s crucial to list all your references using a consistent citation style.


In this section, documents that you have used but are not included in your essay’s main body should appear in appendices. The documents can be interview transcripts or survey questions.

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