A book review evaluates the book’s value and provides recommendations to the reader to read or not to read the book. A book review includes the opinions of the writer and also his thoughts about the book. It also consists of an interpretation of the author’s intent, thematic elements, and symbolism. It also involves a form of literary criticism that analyzes the author’s ideas, writing techniques, and quality.


Before writing a book report, its crucial to create an outline that includes all the main points found in the book. Create a framework that contains the details of the subject, characters, and action. You should consider the following points before you begin the actual writing of your review;

  • Understand the plot

A plot shows the actual arrangement of action and events within a story. Understanding the plot enables you to organize a logical, credible, and compelling book review.

  • Determine if the plot is intriguing

You should determine whether the plot is interesting enough and if it has the potential to grab the reader’s attention. Is the plot engaging enough to make the reader want to follow along from the beginning to the end?

  • identify the writing techniques

Are the writing techniques used by the author captivating and compelling? Does the method used by the author communicate the message of the book with clarity?

  • Would you recommend the book

Is the book interesting enough to recommend to others, or is it boring?


The introductory paragraphs of the book review should present the author, the book, and publication date. Include relevant details about the author’s identity and his/her stance in the field of inquiry. Write the context of the book and your assessment that presents your view on it. Write the thesis of the book as well as your thesis about the book.

Provide a summary of the content

Before summarizing your content, determine the length and type of summary you are going to create. When presenting an overview of the book, make sure to provide all the main points, and also capture the purpose of the book. You should rewrite and express the original ideas in the books in your own words using a clear and precise language. Your primary focus is to capture a general outline of the contents in the book.

Analysis of the book

A book analysis involves a description of the quality, meaning, and purpose of a book. Analysis and evaluation do not include the retelling of the book. It focuses on presenting the strengths and weaknesses of the material. It should consist of the author’s intention, provide your opinion if the author has succeeded in their purpose or not, and present evidence to support your evaluation or judgment.

Your analysis should be structure into paragraphs that deal with each aspect of your argument. The review should also reveal any facts and evidence that have been omitted. Indicate if the writing style used by the author is clear and useful or not. Discuss whether the presentation of the subject matter is objective enough or not. You should also reveal if the book raises many issues or topics for further discussion.


Summarize your review, restate your thesis statement, and present your final judgment of the book. You should provide a summary of the main points that were made in the book review. Avoid introducing new information for your argument in your conclusion. Include a few sentences to show the impact the book had on you and if it’s worth recommending it.

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