How to write a great compelling essay

A great compelling essay draws the attention of your readers, provides background information on your topic and reveals the purpose of your article. Writers should keep their readers in mind from the beginning to the end. A compelling essay uses well-organized ideas, relevant information, and stays focused on the topic. You should consider the right choice of tone and language to relay your ideas and thoughts that will attract the attention of your readers.


The introductory paragraph introduces your topic by giving your reader the direction of the essay and the ideas that you will discuss. The introductory paragraph also reveals the purpose of the article and usually ends with a thesis statement. Your introduction should capture the readers’ attention by posing a question, pulling out an interesting fact, or creating a mystery that will make the readers want to continue reading.

When writing a compelling essay, identify content that will be relevant to your readers. The key to satisfying your reader’s need is to have a deeper understanding of your topic and create a hook sentence that will fulfil that need. Your hook sentence should keep your readers engaged from the beginning to the end.

Tips for writing a strong introduction

  • Do not explicitly explain your intentions

To write a compelling essay, do not introduce the purpose of your essay by saying ‘the purpose of this essay is to…’ or ‘this essay aims to….’ your topic sentence should help the reader to identify and understand the purpose of your essay.

  • Formulate a thesis statement that the body of your essay will be able to support

Supporting your thesis is the overall objective of a compelling essay or article. Therefore, you should create a thesis statement that you clearly understand and can support relevant evidence, facts, or statistics. The evidence you present in your essay will convince your readers that your thesis is reasonable and credible. It’s crucial to select the most important supporting details for your thesis.


The purpose of the body in an essay is to develop the thesis or argument outlined in the introduction fully. Each paragraph in the body discusses one major point in the development of the main claim.

  • Start your paragraphs with topic sentences

A topic sentence is usually the first sentence in a paragraph and summarizes the main idea of an article. The topic sentence of each paragraph should highlight the claim or information contained in the paragraph.

  • Support each claim or argument

To write a compelling essay, the information in the rest of the paragraph should elaborate and support the topic sentence with relevant evidence, facts, or examples. Backing your claim can be done by citing specific works or quoting credible sources.

  • Create a smooth transition to your next idea

The concluding sentence of your paragraph should smoothly transition into the next segment. A transition helps the reader progress from one significant idea to another and shows the relationship between the main ideas and the supporting evidence.

  • Discuss and support different ideas in each of the three paragraphs

For a compelling essay, each paragraph should discuss one main idea or argument. The segments in the body of your essay should be structured in a logical sequence.

  • First paragraph

The first section of the body should contain the most persuasive argument or the most significant example. Discuss your claim and provide relevant evidence to support it. The last sentence should include a transitional hook to connect into the second paragraph of the body.

  • Second paragraph

The second paragraph should contain a neutral argument or the other most significant idea. It should transition from the last sentence of the first paragraph of the body. The opinions or thoughts for this section should appear in the first or second sentence and directly relate to the thesis statement. The last sentence should transition into the third paragraph of the body.

  • Third paragraph

This section should contain the last argument or idea in your essay. The first sentence should transition from the previous sentence of the previous section. Discuss your final point and provide relevant evidence to support it. The last sentence should signal the reader that this is the final part of the paper and should also transition into the concluding paragraph.


The concluding paragraph of your essay provides a general summary of your ideas, arguments, or findings. A conclusion shows how the points stated in your essay support facts and evidence and integrate or fuse into one another to address the research problem. You should avoid introducing new ideas to avoid confusing your readers.

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