Steps to writing a research paper

Steps to writing a research paper

In college, research writing becomes a monumentally critical part of most classes you undertake, the foundation of all assignments, and a vital layer of the education you will eventually obtain. Students are required to at least write one college-level research paper before they graduate.

A research paper is a type of academic writing where writers research a particular topic; take a stand on that topic, and provide evidence for that position in a documented report. This document can be an individual’s chance to make an impression; to show career aspirations, personal and professional experiences, and educational goals.

Research papers should be grammatically correct and the substance accurately articulated. It should present the student as a thoughtful and analytical person with a thirst for knowledge. Acquiring skills in writing a research paper is a gradual process, and one cannot obtain them instantly, thus the need to look for quality and guaranteed essay writing services from unemployed professors.

Steps to writing a research paper

The following are useful steps that students may use as a guide in helping them come up and write a well-documented research paper.

  • Topic selection

             The topic is the very first process in writing a paper and, therefore, can be one of the most challenging parts of a research assignment. A writer needs to adhere to the instructions set by the instructor strictly. One should select a topic according to their personal preferences since it will be more comfortable and more enjoyable.

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  • Conducting preliminary research

            This type of research is used to get an idea about a particular topic and determine the amount of information available. Conducting preliminary research is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the writing process. It involves selecting a topic that is interesting and discovering enough background information on the topic. You should do a preliminary investigation to determine if the information available to you is sufficient and relevant to your topic of discussion.

  • Locate materials

            Once you are sure about what you are going to research, you can now locate materials related to your topic. While establishing sources for your content, scholarly sources are the best. You should, however, avoid using Wikipedia and other internet sources that may be inaccurate. Primary sources and Peer-reviewed sources are also highly recommended.

  • Evaluate your sources

            It is crucial to evaluate your references to ensure they are accurate, reliable, and relevant to your topic. Evaluating sources ensures biased, outdated or incorrect information is weeded out.

  • Make a research paper outline

This is a simple guideline to creating an outline

  • Introduction

Includes an overview of the issue examined.

  • Literature review

It provides a thorough context and gives a conceptual framework for research.

  • Method

In this section, a writer describes the research process used.

  • Results and discussions

In this section, one describes significant findings and also discusses relevance of the findings.

  • Conclusion and recommendations

            The conclusion involves a summary of the issues examined, the methods used, and significant findings. It also includes recommendations for future research.

  • Write your paper

            After collecting data through research, it is now time to write the information in a free-flowing and organized manner. The research paper should be well structured and relay all the data collected. While writing the paper, ensure your content relates to the problem being discussed.

  • Review your work

            It is essential to go through your paper to get rid of any grammatical and spelling errors. You can also get a colleague to review your work and get their views on the paper for improvements. It is also crucial to review your article before handing it in to ensure the citation and formatting is correct.

Where can i get help in writing a research paper?

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