A great Essay Writing Checklist

Regardless of the type of writing, having a well-structured writing checklist is a great way to begin writing. An essay writing checklist is a useful tool that can be used by a student during the writing process to ensure they compose an excellent essay. A great writing checklist may include the necessary steps and guidelines for writing, editing, or revising an essay. A useful essay writing checklist helps a writer stay organized in their writing and helps avoid the skipping of essential steps in the process. A helpful writing checklist provides you with guidelines of what to write next and also makes it easier to revise the final draft

An essay checklist

For an outstanding essay, you should follow the below writing checklist:

Create an outline

One of the best ways of writing a captivating essay is to create an outline before beginning your writing process. A framework enables you to highlight the main points, structure paragraphs well, and make sure each idea can be fully developed. An outline acts as a guide and prevents you from getting lost while writing the actual essay. Primarily, a well-crafted framework highlights the thesis statement and supports the main ideas with relevant evidence.

Use clear, understandable grammar.

Clear and precise language enables the audience to read, understand, and relate to the information relayed by the writer. Using simple language doesn’t undermine the quality of the content but allows the writer to communicate complex ideas as clearly and effectively. A writer should refrain from using fancy words and adopt a clear, concise, and understandable language that will keep the reader engaged.

Consistent writing style

Writers need to maintain a consistent writing style to prevent confusion and ambiguity in the ideas they are presenting. Inconsistency is a standard error found in academic writing, and it undermines the overall quality of the paper, causing it to be rejected by the audience. Improper flow of ideas, irregular numbering, very long sentences, and inconsistent writing styles may lead to misrepresentation of a writer’s work. Therefore, a writer needs to remain consistent to ensure effective communication of information to the relevant audience.

Do extensive research

The key to coming up with credible and reliable ideas is by performing relevant and extensive research. Research helps you to collect adequate information and supporting evidence on the subject of discussion. The more resources you use in the research process, the more viewpoints and ideas you will have about your topic. Research must be extensive to cultivate information that is relevant, reasonable, and useful.

Critical Analysis of the supporting details

Critically analyzing the evidence, you are going to present in your writing provides an opportunity to explain your ideas or arguments so that the reader can easily understand.  Analysis of the evidence explains its significance and how it connects and relates to your writing’s main ideas. The evidence used should provide concrete facts that support the main ideas.

Editing and your essay

Editing is an essential part of writing as it ensures high quality and optimum readability of a document or article. Editing requires readers to re-read their texts to check and ensure the organization and structure of the report is correct. Despite being tiresome, editing helps in eliminating mistakes, identifying and removing inconsistencies, and adjusting the content to remain relevant to the target audience.

Proof-reading your essay

Proof-reading is essential in checking all spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Proof-reading is also used in correcting inconsistent terminology, formatting, and referencing in an article or essay. Proof-reading does not involve in-depth changes but deals with minor changes that do not include fact-checking. It’s crucial to take proof-reading as the last step to revise a document or manuscript to ensure the formatting, page numbers, headers, fonts, etc. before handing out the final report.

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