Tips on landing a job after college

College students leave school with a lot of enthusiasm for landing a job of their dreams. However, getting that career doesn’t go as well as they had hoped. The competitive job market and high demand from potential employers are making the progression from college to the workforce a daunting task for graduates. Due to the high number of college students graduating from college, the job market becomes flooded with qualified people applying for the few jobs available hence locking out thousands of graduates.

The surprising fact is that most of them don’t even know how to apply for a job after completing their studies. This kind of situation leaves many of them feeling discouraged, and they end up becoming unproductive for an indeterminate amount of time. However, college graduates can follow a few simple strategies to land a job and get their career off to a definite beginning. These tips include:


Networking is vital in any job search. While searching for work, it’s not what you know that will land you that work, but who you know. This is because the job market if full of so many graduates with similar knowledge applying for the same post. Therefore, it’s essential to make the right connections.

How can I start networking? One can start by reaching out to family members, friends, neighbors, or professors to inquire about available opportunities. These relationships are essential since they can easily lead to a graduate getting an interview or recommendations during the application process. A graduate should also join and attend professional organization events in their particular fields. These meetings provide a platform for graduates to meet new people and share their skills and aspirations.

Write a captivating cover letter and resume.

Another necessity for applying a job is coming up with a great cover letter and resume. Without a properly crafted resume, a graduate may end up in always missing out on an excellent opportunity to land a job. But why does a resume have to stand out? This is because there are so many people applying for that particular job that only a few people get to make it. Unfortunately, most graduates don’t know how to write an outstanding cover letter and resume. Where can I get a stellar cove letter? If you are looking for a perfect cover letter and resume, then unemployed professors are the site to visit. They guarantee you a personalized, well crafted and captivating cover letter and resume that will definitely aid you in landing a job.

Keep job searching

Most graduates tend to feel discouraged when they send out a bunch of job applications without any success. This process can be tiring, and most applicants end up lacking motivation and abandon applying for jobs altogether. Lack of motivation leads to job applicants feeling less productive, with some of them ending up in living a hopeless life and full of regrets.

While job rejections are discouraging, applicants are encouraged to continue searching and applying for jobs to help keep them on track. One o those many applications may end up landing the applicant a job.

Arrange a job shadow

A job shadow is an opportunity for you to observe someone doing their job that is of interest to you.  After having a positive networking meeting with someone, a graduate or job applicant is encouraged to follow up by arranging a job shadow. It provides someone with the opportunity to experience the feeling of working that job. It also helps someone decide whether they would like to work for that particular company. A job shadow provides an individual with the chance to meet new people and develop meaningful connections that might aid in landing a specific job.

Line up an internship

Graduates are advised to apply for internships if they feel under-qualified for their target jobs.

Internships provide one with the opportunity to gain experience and gain valuable skills that they require for particular fields. It also provides graduates with the opportunity to develop relevant relationships and connections that may help them gain opportunities to land a job.

 Finding that particular job may be challenging, but enthusiasm and patience is the key to landing the first job. DON’T GIVE UP!