Types of essays

 Types of essays

An essay is an extended piece of paper that describes, clarifies, or analyzes a particular subject. There are many types of essays, and students need to understand the difference between them. Essay writing is a vital part of school either in high school, for undergraduate or graduate students. Essay writing is essential as it forms the basis of all education and students should learn to write effectively to enable them to express their abilities and interests. T

In general, an essay consists of 3 significant parts:

  • Introduction

An introduction gives the reader an idea of what the essay is talking about through a thesis statement. A writer needs to write the main concepts in the introduction.

  • Body

The body contains all the main ideas, topics, and subjects are discussed here in detail. It also provides evidence or information that supports the essay.

  • Conclusion

 It contains the last part of the essay and usually summarizes the contents or findings of the article.

The following are the common writing essays you will find in college

  • Descriptive essays

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes something, someone, or event. When writing a descriptive essay, one is required to describe the main topic and one should use a lot of adjectives. The best way to approach a descriptive essay is to define the issue you are going to describe.

Introduce your essay with information that explains the main topic and why. Proceed by writing the body using well-detailed information describing the issue and conclude by explaining the significance of the description.    

  • Narrative essays

A narrative essay is one that usually tells a story. It talks about a particular event or a series of events and describes the type of experiences that the writer got from it. A narrative essay is usually written in the first person, and it challenges the writer to think and write about themselves. It always has a vivid plot. Since a narrative essay is based on personal experiences, it’s usually in the form of a story.

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A narrative essay usually contains the following:

  • One needs to write from a particular point of view.
  • It should make and supports a point.
  • It should have accurate or precise details.
  • The essay should use vivid verbs.
  • May contain dialogue.
  • Expository essay

Expository essays require the writer to present facts. Writers are required to research, examine, and present ideas based purely on factual evidence other than opinion. The purpose of expository essays is to elaborate on a topic logically and straightforwardly.

  • Persuasive essays

It is also known as the argumentative essay. It utilizes logic and reason to show readers one idea is more valid than the other. The writer must always use substantial evidence by stating facts and giving logical reasons.

  • Reflective essays

 Reflective essays describe an event or experience and then analyze the meaning of the experience and what lessons arise from it. Reflective essays require a writer to inform the reader of his or her emotions, impression, or attitude towards the topic of discussion. The main focus is to reflect the writer’s personality. It requires the author’s presence in the text of the essay.

  • Compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essays usually evaluate differences and similarities between two things. The subjects may fall in the same category but are different. A writer needs to back up their article with convincing evidence from the research.

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