UK Prime Minister Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has made its way into the corridors of power as scores of world leaders, and seniors officials have come out to announce that they have contacted the virus. United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is the latest world leader that has joined the long list of government officials that have tested positive for Coronavirus. Johnson took to his tweeter account, where he made a statement about testing positive for Coronavirus. A government spokesperson reported that the test was carried out by the NHS staff in Downing Street. According to the Prime Minister, he developed mild symptoms, including a persistent cough and high temperature, which have been alerted as the key symptoms of Coronavirus.

Johnson tested positive for the virus two days after Prince Charles, the immediate heir to the British throne, also tested positive for covid-19 as announced by Clarence House. According to sources, Johnson had on March 11th met with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. The Queen has issued a public statement saying that she is in good health. However, necessary precautions have since been taken to ensure the welfare of the Queen.

It is quite unclear where the Prime Minister may have contracted the virus as he had been in contact with several people, including Neil Ferguson, a top Covid-19 government advisor. Johnson is currently in self-isolation, where he continues to provide his support, through online video conferences, in the national fight-back against Coronavirus. The Prime Minister has also imposed stringent restrictions, banning people from leaving their homes.