Having excellent essay writing skills is the ability to create original and meaningful content and relaying it in a clear, logical, and practical manner. In college, you will need to upgrade your essay writing skills to remain competitive in academics and maintain high standards of writing.

How to upgrade your essay writing skills

The following tips will help you improve and sharpen your essay writing skills:

  • Grab your audience’s attention

Excellent writing skills require starting your essay with an essay hook is the best way to grab your reader’s attention. Creating an essay hook appears in the first or second sentence of your essay and captures the reader’s interest by asserting your topic. It connects to the thesis statement and reveals the significance of your paper.  An essay hook can include a question, a revelation, or a mystery that creates the desire to read more.

  • Choose appropriate sources

Your sources should be reputable, credible, up-to-date, and contain adequate information relevant to your topic. The best sources for your academic essay should be scholarly books and peer-reviewed articles that are reputable. When writing information directly from your sources, you should give credit to the original author.

  • Do extensive research on your essay topic.

A writer needs to do proper and thorough research to find meaningful and relevant content for their articles. However, excellent writing skills involve more than just doing research but relies on the ability of the writer to analyze and interpret the information in a confident and well-structured style. It’s also vital to follow all the instructions provided on the topic of research and follow the correct formatting.

  • Avoid plagiarism in your essay.

Plagiarism is presenting another author’s work as your own without their consent. Plagiarism is a severe offense and can lead to severe consequences. Students can be expelled from school and can have a detrimental effect on an author’s career. In successful writing, originality is the basis of avoiding all forms of plagiarism. When writing an academic paper, one should read several materials and prepare the document primarily on your ideas. Plagiarism can also be avoided by properly citing your sources and simply acknowledging particular content has been borrowed.

  • Identify the relevant audience.

Knowing the audience for a particular article is vital because it determines the content that will be relayed in the document. The more you understand the background and needs of your audience, the better you can prepare and deliver relevant information. Understanding your audience is essential is it helps them understand and react favorably to your content.

  • Provide facts and evidence to your topic

Excellent writing requires claims and main ideas need to be supported by factual details and further explanation. An article without supporting evidence or facts may lack cohesiveness and credibility. The reader may get lost and develop doubts that the information relayed is credible. To maintain the reliability of the article, a writer should evidence and examples that relate to the main ideas.

  • Use clear and concise language.

Proper choice of vocabulary and language make a huge difference in conveying your ideas to the intended audience. The primary purpose is not to sound sophisticated but to make a complex idea easily readable and understandable. A writer should use high quality vocabulary that can be easily interpreted by the audience without losing interest. The writer should avoid writing too much information but be as direct and straightforward as possible.

  • Edit and Proof-read to avoid grammatical errors

Before submitting an article, it’s essential to proof-read and edit to get rid of any errors. To improve on your writing skills, you should first edit the article carefully to determine whether it communicates the intended message. Proof-read to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors since a poorly written report can be challenging to deliver its intended purpose. Finally, you should verify your sources and ensure your document is correctly formatted.

  • Read as much as possible.

Good readers are good writers. It ‘s vital for writers to continually read new information to broaden and sharpen their writing skills. A writer should not limit themselves to what they know but keep on looking and discovering further information primarily in this digital age.

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