Ways of avoiding plagiarism in essay writing

When it comes to academic writing, the question of plagiarism becomes important because practically an essay, research paper or term paper is usually based on some existing research or data; therefore, it is crucial to avoid any form of plagiarism whatsoever. Plagiarism is presenting another person’s ideas as your own without their consent. Today, information and data are easily and readily available like never before. Due to the internet, people can quickly obtain the information they need without doing in-depth research. However, plagiarism can be easily detected by teachers in schools and universities since they are already aware of the easy-access information on the internet, newspapers, and books.

Are there consequences to plagiarism?

Plagiarized content can have a very detrimental effect on one’s grades since students are likely to receive failing grades. Moreover, students should remember that the use of plagiarized paper is a form of violation of intellectual property rights if a student uses one’s writing without the author’s permission and authorization and legal concerns may arise. It also undermines the student’s reputation forever.

How can you avoid plagiarized work?

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It’s easy to research information, but the challenging part for many students is avoiding plagiarism while relaying that information in writing. Students can use the following tips to avoid plagiarism in their academic writing:


Use quotes to indicate that the words you are using are not your own. Make sure to quote the words exactly as they appear to avoid misquotation. However, avoid quoting all the time unless technical accuracy is required. It would be best if you used quotations when the idea or expression is impressive and can influence your content. When quoting, you should use quotation marks or indent long quotations and cite your sources accurately.


A writer can use citations as a useful tool to avoid falling into the plagiarism trap. Make sure to follow the right document formatting guidelines such as APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles required from the research. A citation includes the author and the date of publication (in-text citation). Citation is essential since it acknowledges and gives credit to the author of the original work hence avoiding plagiarism.


Referencing acknowledges articles, books, websites, and any other sources used in a research process. It’s essential to accurately indicate the source of your content to avoid plagiarism effectively. Additionally, it’s necessary to follow the right referencing style as per the set instructions. Referencing gives supporting evidence to your ideas and allows others to identify the sources you used.


Paraphrasing is a technique that enables a writer to rewrite the original text in their own words. It’s vital because it proves you have understood the concept of your research to formulate it in your own words. Avoid copying verbatim more than two terms in a row from the information you are using.

Use a plagiarism-checker

Most colleges and universities use plagiarism checkers to detect plagiarism in student’s assignments and essays. The software scans the respective documents, compares it to an extensive database of publications and websites to check the content that appears overly similar. It’s essential to use a plagiarism checker to identify the parts that you have forgotten to cite properly or reference your sources.

Editing the research paper

It’s vital to edit your research paper to get rid of any form of plagiarism. Check and make sure quotations are used correctly. Make your referencing of sources follow the formatting guidelines set by your educational institution. It’s vital to check that the authors, date of publication, titles, and sources are included in your reference page and follow the correct format.

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