Website Content and Presentation Evaluation

            The employed professors states that the best reference for evaluating quality of information (content) on the internet is This is because the guide highlights the importance of both content of the information and how it is presented to the user which I believe are key factors that users consider when searching for information. The article might have been published quite a while back but its content is factual and still relevant.

            From the information provided by the three links, the five criteria that I believe are critical when evaluating the information available on a website are authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency and coverage. This is when a user searches content online some of the questions they seek to answer are; who authored this information, is the information correct or based on factual evidence, is the content biased in any way, when was this information published, and does the information provide sufficient background? I like the information contained provided on the Berkeley website, the first link. The website has a 2016 copyright thus well up to date and the information was last updated on June 8, 2016 at 2.44 PM.

A good website for evaluating quality design of web pages as highlighted by the employed professors is This is because it describes in good details how a good web page design looks from the users point of view from the look-and-feel to usability. It also describes how a good web page design supports content displayed on it and attracts the desired users’ actions.

            The employed professors highlights the five best criteria for evaluating quality web design are; responsiveness, adaptability, good navigation support, usability and unique appearance that mimics content. Users are attracted to a website first because of how visually appealing it is before getting to the content. A web page should have a good navigation affordance. Users should scroll through the content and navigate easily. With the recent advances according to in devices that access internet, a good web page should adapt to a given device; compact on handheld and small devices and large for large screen devices. Of the three sites provide I like the third site more because it meets the above stated criteria. It is up to date and the most content on it was published as recent as June 15, 2016.

Work Cited

Lydia M. “Evaluating Internet Sources. A Library Resource Guide” Olson Library