Work Related Development Module (MN6W59) Report

Work Related Development Module Report


            During the period that I was volunteering at Age UK Lambeth, I noticed numerous problems that were affecting the operations of the company. For instance, quite often, the employees could not agree on issues. Having looked at the entirety of the situation, I recommend enhancing teamwork and cooperation at the workplace as a way of improving the situation. In this document, I analyse why I feel this is the solution, how it will be implemented and its implications.

Section I: Project Recommendation As answered by the unemployed professors

Working in a team can be a huge challenge at times. Team members are entitled to their own opinions on different subjects and this is one of the causes of conflicts, disagreements and general lack of cooperation. Other sources of conflict in a group include the diversity in educational, economic and social backgrounds. However, since there is a job to be done, a compromise and a sense of understanding on each party’s side is essential. Through effective teamwork in a group, members are able to see cohesion and realise how important it is in the achievement of the set goals (George N & Root, 2016). At the workplace, teamwork is paramount because, employees are all trying to achieve a common objective, share resources, communicate with one another and make decisions on matters affecting them together.

Rather than having employees’ differences as the dividing factor, it could be a potential source of the strength of the organization. The core of business is the people working together (Hubbard, 2014). Diverse perspectives in a group help functions such as decision be more comprehensive (West m. & Giles H., p. 32). Conclusions arrived at would not only be quality but also productive. When members brainstorm, they put their ideas together, argue out and at the end of the whole process they all gain a sense of belonging; they feel they are an integral part of the team, focused on achieving a common purpose. When each member act on their own, making uninformed and rushed decisions, the outcome is nothing short of conflicts as each member bids to support their cause. Ultimately. less progress is made.

A good team is one in which affairs of its members are taken good care of. Studies indicate that poor performance at work are sometimes indirect consequences of employees’ affairs being neglected. Good management recognises that job performance is subject to many factors, some of which are not experienced within the working environment. It serves bonding and strengthening work relationships when employers acknowledge and help out their employees when faced with personal problems. Apart from considering social affairs of its employees, it is also equally important that they are remunerated and rewarded well for their work.

Effective teamwork enhances cultivates the spirit of innovation. Innovation is the coming up with better ways of doing things and involve a number of processes. This is rarely as a result of individual effort. For effective implementation of the innovation, teamwork and cooperation is necessary (West M. & Giles H., p. 257). Considering the case at hand, Age UK could have come up with better ways to deliver its services to the elderly only if its employees put their energy together and focused on developing the company.

            Creating an environment for effective teamwork to thrive requires more than just urging members of the team to try and accommodate one another. It requires bringing together all members in less formal and more social events where they can freely express themselves. Such social events are for instance, attending a member’s birthday party. They allow the members appreciate their differences in the long run. The physical working environment should also be well considered because conditions such as ventilations, temperature, lighting, cleanliness and waste disposal among others affect employee performance (healthyworkinglives, 2016).

            Recommendations proposed here help change the state of affairs at Age UK Lambeth. However, team building is not a cheap affair and therefore the company should be prepared to incur some expenses along the way. Expenses would include money for organizing fun fares and sponsoring trips, hotel accommodation amongst many more. Since such events are done during special occasions such as end of financial year, they can be planned for effectively.

To foster teamwork, the company could also review the way it handles its employees’ affairs. One such way is through formation of a welfare association within the company that is headed by one of the employees and charge it with the role of bringing together all employees to support one another when need arises or when a member faces a tragedy or an unforeseen difficult circumstances. Studies show that when employees are not happy with their conditions, they are less effective (Unum, 2016). A case such as an employee missing at the office when they are required to could be an indicator of a poor social welfare or lack of it. It is quite possible that the employee could be out attending on personal duties. This also proves that when a company is not willing to at least consider or help its employee, its production might be affected.

Section II: Personal Career Action Plan

            A career in event management requires one to possess not only academic knowledge but also, to an equally important degree, proficient personal skills. The carrier entails mainly engaging with people whether in public or in offices and as search, one needs to develop skills of communication, decision making, analytics and problem solving, leadership, computer and IT amongst many more. This section discusses some of the requirements I have to meet at the end of my career. A plan on how I would acquire the said skills is also included. unemployed professors

As I would be working at the Age UK in Lambeth as a receptionist and a befriender, some of the things I would hope to do include receiving and forwarding calls to staff members, handling mails, engaging clients at personal levels, ensuring visitors are received and welcomed well and generally ensuring the reception area is tidy. I believe the experience I gain from working there would help me advance my career skills due to the more practical approach nature of work.

            As at the moment, I am not fully equipped with the relevant skills required to be a competent receptionist and event planner. There are quite a number of skills that I would like to learn first. As an office receptionist, one has to know how to perform functions such as mailing, editing and preparing documents using Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets or other software as well as printing and photocopying the documents. Qualified receptionists in the market currently are those who have a good understanding of these crucial skills. My plan on how I would acquire the skills include, enrolling on tutorials on the use of Microsoft Office software package. So as to be even more proficient and learn faster, I would acquire a copy of the software, install it on my laptop computer so that I can keep practicing on my own while at home or during free time at school. I would also seek advice from experts already at work and train on how to operate photocopying and printing machines. Furthering towards being a good office receptionist, I would learn how office documents such as reports are prepared and understand the process of procuring office stationery as well.

            While volunteering at Age UK Lambeth, I learnt the importance of befriending and maintaining good relationships with clients. I also realised that it is not easy to handle some clients and therefore to ensure that I learn to how respond to and welcome clients well, I would partake training on the subject of public relations. Befriending is better learnt through directly engaging with people in the field and thus I would volunteer at an organization that does befriending. Another way of learning befriending is through seeking companionship with people especially the elderly. A problem I noticed while working was that elderly people tend to misunderstand questions and often give unrequired responses. I believe being friends with such people provides me with a rare opportunity to study and comprehend this problem and therefore be better at dealing with it. As part of building good friendship and hence better service delivery, I would also ensure that I am well versed with the health status of such elderly people. This would help me provide more personalised services and be in a better situation to give support to clients even before they demand or ask for it.

unemployed professors

            Being a good employee requires one to have the right academic skills in the particular field. This is not enough in the current century. One has to do more that have theoretical knowledge on subject matter. Those extra skills are acquired through co-curricular activities such as sports, mentorship and so forth. Such activities may not be learning environments but they help one form friendships with people from different social and economic backgrounds. I would therefore join sports clubs at school and at home also. Sporting activities nurture team spirits and help one understand the need for why working together as a team. You also get to learn different ways of handling and engaging other people, a skill that constitutes leadership.

            While extra-curricular skills are gives one an added advantage, an equally important aspect that cannot be dismissed is having a good understanding of one’s potential workplace. A vast understanding of operations at my future workplace would help me blend in much faster and perform better. As I was working at Age UK Lambeth, I realised that they offer a variety of services such as information and advice services, career advices, welfare and handyperson services. unemployed professors will search for information about the services from online sources and from print media and publications by the organization or any media service company. Another good source of information is people who work or worked there. I would seek for such people in my neighbourhood and if possible be friends with them.

            Employers nowadays look for unemployed professors with skills such as analytical, problem solving and communication skills. Other important skills that I would also seek to learn include decision making, IT and computer, stress management and time management. Skills such as verbal and communication require a practical approach for perfection and therefore the best way to be proficient at them is through speaking to fellow colleagues and large audiences. Enrolling on courses that provide public speaking skills, joining a journalism club or student societies would definitely help a great deal.