Writing a college admissions essay

A college admissions essay is a statement written by a prospective student applying to join a particular college, university, or graduate school. College admissions essays are written for the admissions board to have a clear understanding of the student’s personalities, goals and aspirations. They need to know the suitability of the students they select to their organization.

 A well-crafted college admissions essay can help students gain admission to college; attain scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance.

Investing the time and effort to learn how to create a stellar and effective essay can have positive results. Additionally, a college admissions essay needs to be unique to beat stiff competition from students with similar GPA, goals, aspirations and same extracurricular activities.

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A prospective student should consider the following guidelines in writing a college admissions essay:

Know the purpose of the admissions essay

The college applications essay is a chance for students to share their personality, goals, influences, life experiences and why you deserve a chance at the college or university.

Identify your prompt

Before embarking on admissions essay writing, it’s crucial to understand the question or essay prompts entirely. It’s vital to focus on one or two main ideas that will spark your creativity and personality. Before writing, expound on what you are trying to accomplish and defend it with relevant information.


Brainstorming is vital in triggering creativity and formulating original ideas. Brainstorming helps the writer to come up with as many ideas as possible that can be refined and narrowed down to create the ideal content. Reflect on the relevant experiences that will serve as your strengths to differentiate you from other applicants. Your thoughts should have enough supporting details that portray your abilities, beliefs, characteristics, and ambitions.

Create an outline

It’s essential for people writing a college admissions essay to have a plan. After brainstorming, you should have an idea of what you want to include in your writing and how you are going to do it. Outline your essay into an introduction, body and conclusion. Write your details in an organized style and ensure a smooth transition from the beginning to your conclusion.Strategize on the format you are starting with based on your ideas and the tone of your essay. An outline will act as a guideline to the original layout and prevent you from changing your writing style as you progress.

Write the essay

You should know what to write about and the format you want to use in writing the essay. The writer should be concise and start with the main ideas. The essay should include vivid and detailed facts and reasons. Keep your essay specific and relevant. You should be creative and write down unique ideas that are less predictable and free from plagiarism.

Edit and Proof-read your essay

The last step in writing your essay is editing and proofreading. Step aside from your essay for a while and revisit it some other time. A fresh approach will enable you to reflect on the actual content on a perspective view. Get rid of all spelling and grammatical errors as they are a sign of carelessness. Consider having another person to read and review your essay to make sure your message is relevant and consistent.

After writing your college admissions essay, make sure to keep sent copies and do a follow up on them. It’s very vital to make sure the college or university received the copies you sent.

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