Tips on writing a great argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a type of essay where the writer presents arguments about both sides of an issue. The writer can present both sides equally or can take a stance on one subject. The essay includes evidence and facts to back the topics presented in the argument. Combining persuasive arguments with facts and evidence from research can be essential in convincing your readers to agree with your thoughts, ideas, or your stance on the issue.

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Structure of the argumentative essay

In general, the argumentative structure follows the following format:


The introduction needs to grab the attention of the reader, provide background information, and outline the facts and evidence that will back your issues. The introduction should also include a thesis statement that is clear, concise, and provides a summary of the main points or claims of the essay.


An argumentative essay requires ideally three paragraphs that consist of at least three major arguments. Each of the three sections should have a different idea with relevant facts and evidence to back up the arguments. The sections should also contain concise arguments that convince the reader to agree with your point of view. Backing up your arguments with relevant facts and evidence forms a strong basis for your content and enhances its credibility.


a counter-argument is where the writer uses an argument to oppose the earlier cases and puts more emphasis on their actual stance. A counter-argument does not weaken your argumentative essay but rather strengthens your point of view. It shows that you have done thorough research and examined both sides of the argument.

With the basic knowledge of the structure of the essay, you can use the following expert tips to come up with an outstanding argumentative essay:

Choose a substantial argumentative topic.

You should focus on choosing a current topic, can be logically argued, and has an impact on the audience. Selecting an issue you are passionate about enables you to be more comfortable in the research process. Being passionate will bring out your dedication and enthusiasm that will reflect through your writing.

Research as much as possible

A writer should do thorough research to gather as much information about their topic as possible. You should make sure you completely understand your issue as well as the opposing points to present your arguments logically and consistently. Well-detailed research will ensure you find the relevant facts, statistics, and evidence to back and support your claims.

Make sure your thesis is clear and concise.

A thesis is an essential part of your argumentative essay. It highlights the scope, importance, and direction of the essay. A good thesis should highlight the specific area of a general topic. It must be precise enough to allow the expression of a logical argument and to also ensure consistency of the contents presented in the essay.

Develop the arguments with facts and evidence

To back your arguments, it’s essential to do research and back your ideas with relevant data, facts, and statistics. By evaluating evidence, a writer can present arguments that are clear, truthful, and do not bias. Even if you develop interesting arguments without backing them with facts and evidence, then their credibility will be lost. Writers should not write an argument without facts, no matter how important or valid they think it may be.

Formulate an outline

As you research, it can be challenging to organize and write your work. An outline is essential in guiding the writer in deciding the most relevant content to include and the perfect order of relaying the main points. A well-developed outline will help you layout relevant facts, choose the main ideas, and mapping them out effectively. It provides a backbone that acts as a guide to the writer during the actual writing process.

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